SYDNEY, Australia, March 16, 2017 - Deepak Maini creates online course "TimeLiner Simulation with Autodesk Navisworks" for Pluralsight.

This 3 hours 11 minutes course covers the process of creating TimeLiner simulations based on the top most items or layers in the Selection Tree, and also based on the sets. In addition, this course covers how to link an external schedule to the Navisworks scene and import the tasks from the schedule. The viewers are then shown how they can automatically attach items to those tasks and then play the simulation. By the end of this course, the viewers will be able to link a construction schedule to the TimeLiner module and play 5D simulation of demolishing an existing facility and constructing a new facility.

The following is a brief content of this course:

  • Introduction to TimeLiner.
  • Adding Automatic TimeLiner Tasks.
  • Linking External Project Schedules to the TimeLiner Simulations.
  • Attaching Items to the Simulation Tasks.
  • Playing Advanced 5D Simulations.
  • Creating Custom Configurations for Simulating Items.
  • Assigning Animator Animations to the TimeLiner Simulations and Tasks.

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